Office of the


Date: July 2, 2019

To: Board of Governors

                                                                                    Re: President 2019/2020 Report

 Dear Members of the Board (SAKC):

 Congratulations Huskies, exams are finally over. We are happy that all your hard work has paid off. So, whether you have graduated this May or not, CONGRATULATIONS HUSKIES! You made it. Regardless of the level of achievement, it’s still an achievement, and it’s all worth it in the end.

 CONGRATUALTIONS to our NEW Executives: Myself, Tyshaine Page (President), Chioma Igbokei (Vice-President of Internal Affairs), and Lisa Vigilance (Executive Director).


 ·         Attended the annual Keyano College Golf Classic

The Keyano College Golf Classic is an annual friend and fundraiser bringing the College and our community partners together for 18 holes of fun at the breathtaking Fort McMurray Golf Club. The 2019 Keyano Golf Classic was a smash success, bringing in over $120,000 which will go to support Huskies Athletics at Keyano College.

·         Executives photo shoot, sponsored by the Marketing department

·         Office Hours

Familiarize myself with bylaws and policies, as well as previous documents from previous executives. June. 1st – 6th.

·         Outside of office Hours

Formulation of business cards, executive monthly reports, conference write ups, agenda finalization.

 ·         Monthly SMHC Meeting

Planned for orientation and delegated tasks to the different volunteers. We are currently looking at producing a wellness box for students for the new upcoming academic year.

·         SSWC and Huskies Athletics Meeting

Brainstormed different ideas to build a bridge between the athletics and SAKC. As well as came up with different events in collaboration.

·         Weekly EC Meetings

In full effect of planning for the upcoming academic school year as well as transitioning into our positions. We also passed a few motions allowing myself to leave for the summer, but yet ensuring that I continue to work from home, with sufficient tools in pass to monitor my work.

·         International Committee

Looked over the rough draft of the International Committee document that will presented soon. The date is TBD. This document was very detailed, and its purpose is to build a better connection with our international students as well as making sure that their needs are being met.

·         Orientation Committee

Established our first meeting, and had a brainstorming session to increase student engagement. This included different faces from different departments around the school. This is mainly to establish the different events that will be taken place during orientation week.

·         Alberta Student Executive Conference (ASEC) June. 7 – 9.

The SAKC sponsored $1,500 for two phenomenal executives – myself, Tyshaine Page, and Chioma Igbokei to attend ASEC. (See conference write up for more details).

·         Leaders Hall Conference June. 11 – 14.

The SAKC sponsored $1,000 for one phenomenal executive – myself, Tyshaine Page to attend leader’s hall. (See conference write up for more details).


·         SAKC Executive Council Meetings (Weekly)

·         SAKC Board of Governors Meeting (Bi-Weekly)

·         SAKC Student Mental Health Committee (Bi-Weekly)

·         Student Life Committee (Monthly)

·         Keyano College Governance and HR Committee (Monthly)

·         Keyano College Executive Committee (Monthly)

·         Keyano College SSWC Meeting (Monthly)

·         Orientation Committee (Weekly/Seasonal)

·         Keyano College Academic Council (Monthly)

·         Keyano College Board of Governors Committee (Monthly)

·         Keyano College International Committee (Monthly)

·         CIP- Comprehensive Institutional Plan Wellness Circles (Monthly)

·         Departmental Meetings

 What’s new and in the making?

 ·         Executive Intro Video – The executive council has formulated a vision for the video. This video should be produced by the end of August. So stay tuned.

·         Departmental Meetings – My team has decided to continuously meet with all the departments 4-6 times this academic year to establish and maintain a common goal.

·         Bylaws and Polices – Our team is looking to update these documents the reflect SAKC goals and visions. Currently pending unknown delays.

·         Student Governing Board Packages – Our team is looking to update these documents to meet our bylaws and policies. Currently pending unknown delays

·         SAKC Logo and Kings Lounge Logo Change – Team is looking to change both logos to establish a singular connection between the school and multiple departments. Currently pending known delays.

·         Orientation Planning

Our team is finalizing dates and events that will be taking place during orientation week, as well as collaborating with Student Life.

 Stay up & Stay Blessed

Later Days Huskies

 Tyshaine Page

SAKC President 2019/2020