In the fall of 1975 the SAKC, then known as the Keyano College Student Council, proposed its constitution. Under article 1.1 the purpose of the Student Council was to promote, establish and maintain a balanced program of social, cultural and recreational activities with the purpose of developing a sense of pride and school spirit among the students. Its purpose was also to act as an agent for communication between the Administration of the College, the general public and other post-secondary institutions.

The Executive Committee, at that time, consisted of the following:

  • Chairman

  • Vice-Chairman

  • Secretary-Treasurer

  • Social Convenor

  • Intramural Convenor

  • Two Consultants

  • Class Representatives.

Eventually the Chair and Vice-Chair became President and Vice-President, respectively. Positions were divided, added and removed in an effort to create an effective team of students.

Today, the Executive Council consists of the following:

  • President

  • Vice President of Internal Affairs

The Student Governing Board consists of 7 elected Student Governors.

We have a full-time Executive Director, who oversees the business operations and ensures executives are properly trained in governance responsibilities, as well as a full time Operations/Finance Manager.

Since its inception, the Student Association of Keyano College has added Leadership and Advocacy to its mandate, while continuing to mediate communication and promote social activities.