Nominations for the Student Governing Board open in September. If you are interested in more information or are interested in joining, please download the nomination package here.

The position of Governor on the Students’ Association of Keyano College Student Governing Board is an elected position with a voting right on the highest decision making authority board of the Association. The purpose of the position is to hold the Executive Council accountable, but also ensure that the needs of the student body are communicated and addressed. The Governors receive training and professional development, not only in Student Government, but in all levels of government including municipal, provincial, and federal to ensure a well rounded understanding of the post-secondary education political climate.

The Governors also sit on the Keyano College Academic Council acting in the best interest of students in accordance with the SAKC mandate. Governors are expected to attend SGB meetings from 5:00-6:15pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. They are responsible to communicate and get feedback from specific student programs and demographics, to attend SAKC events to support the Association and attend Academic Council meetings.

Download the package here.