The Students’ Association of Keyano College provides many advocacy services to students.


If you have received a grade that you believe is not representative of your work in class, the SAKC is available for representation in the event that you would like to submit a Grade Appeal. While it is largely the responsibility of the student making the appeal, the SAKC can provide a member of the Executive Council who will sit in on meetings in order to ensure student’s rights are not being violated. We are not legal council and cannot plead your case for you. In the appeal process please make sure you have your documentation in order and are concise in your request for a review.

Contact or for more information.


The Students' Association is actively working with the foodservice provider on campus to ensure that there are quality options for our students. We are raising awareness about dietary needs and the desire for increased healthy options. If there is a food service need you feel is being unmet, please let our Vice President of Student Affairs know at


The Multi-Faith Room on campus is a location dedicated to people of all faiths. It is a great space for praying, meditating, and relaxing. It is equipped with washrooms and change rooms as well as partitions so that all faiths may use the space in a way that suits their needs. The SAKC advocates to the administration regularly for upgrades and maintenance to this space to ensure that our students can practice their spirituality in a healthy space.


Through Alberta Student Executive Council (ASEC) the SAKC is committed to working with the Ministry of Advanced Education and the provincial government to establish a tuition model that is sustainable for all stakeholders.


The SAKC recognizes that there is a need for meaningful student consultation and engagement. This allows us to create student-inclusive environments and ensure that we are fostering a thriving feedback loop of communication with our students from our Association as well as the College administration. Through the 2021-22 academic year the SAKC will be working to present and adopt a Meaningful Engagement plan with the College Administration.


The SAKC aims to secure a sustainable form of mental health funding. In previous years the ACMHI grant has provided the funds needed to ensure that mental health-focused events occur on campus. Going forward, with the leadership of the Vice President of Student Affairs we aim to secure funding so that we can ensure support on campus for our students for years to come.


The SAKC has placed the need to have an aboriginal student liaison on campus to ensure that students with unique needs have the support on campus to succeed in their education. As Keyano stands on Treaty 8 land we also recognize that there needs to be an increase in inclusive and appreciation for our aboriginal community on campus.


Part of the SAKC Strategic Plan is to change the culture and instill values. We recognize that there are students who may wish to use a gender-neutral washroom and that is why we have worked with the college to ensure there is an option on campus for those students. We are proud to announce the gender-neutral washroom is now open. It is located in the nursing hallway, close to the Student Commons. We are happy the college is able to provide this option so that when students and community members enter Keyano College, they feel comfortable knowing their needs are supported.