SAKC Executive Council

The SAKC Executive Council is an elected team of 4 student leaders who represent and advocate for all Keyano students. They are also responsible for approving policies and overseeing the management of all SAKC student services and initiatives.


The SAKC President is an elected student advocate who represents the Keyano student body at large. The President helps shape the student experience and ensures the board is advancing the mission and vision of the Students’ Association of Keyano College (SAKC). The President acts as the official liaison with the College and is the primary spokesperson for the SAKC Board. The President is the liaison for any provincial, federal or municipal government related issues.

The VP Academics

The Vice President of Academics is responsible for all advocacy related to academic issues at Keyano College. The Vice-President of Academics works closely with the leaders, staff and administration at the College to ensure that members receive the best possible education and educational experience at Keyano College; some departments include the Office of the Registrar, Academic Council and Faculty Association. The Vice President will sit on Academic council as a committee member.

VP Operations and Finance

The Vice-President (VP) Operations & Finance oversees the annual budget and operations of the SAKC and is the chairperson for the operations and finance committee. They are also responsible for the administration of the SAKC Health and Dental plan. The Vice President, Operations & Finance is an elected student position responsible for the administration of the association in conjunction with the President and in accordance with relevant by-laws, including administration and finance policies, and procedures. The Vice-President Operations & Finance is accountable to the President of SAKC, and all SAKC Members

VP Student Affairs

The Vice-President (VP) of Student-Affairs will coordinate events to enhance student experience at Keyano College and is the chairperson for the Membership Engagement Committee. The VP of Student-Affairs will be in charge of planning, preparing, and coordinating a variety of social, educational, and family events. The VP of Student Affairs will promote the activities of the SAKC throughout the year. The VP of Student affairs also advocates on behalf of SAKC Members on non-academic related issues. The Vice President also works closely with the following Keyano College departments: housing, security, wellness, student life, and internationalization on campus.